I love that all the characters in this book, Michelle Goes To The Bank, are female. I think this is an empowering book to read to our daughters. A little girl opens up her first bank account after selling all of her books. This is the kind of real-life literature we need to start the conversation about business and financial literacy with our BIPOC kids. Recommended for kids 6-8 years of age.

Teacher Knolan

The book allowed for open and honest discussion with my students from grades 2nd thru 5 th. #weneeddiversebooks Students loved that the author and I had conversations about my use of the book and they are hoping for a video chat or visit


I purchased this book for my school library for Black History Month. I ended up using it to anchor all of my lessons for the month. The students' faces lit up as I read the words. They identified with the experience of being taught VERY little about the accomplishments of African Americans. The story is written as if it is a script taken from a day in school as students experience it. Very relatable.


"Generations yet unborn must learn our story…not HIS-story, you are doing great things for the culture. Our babies will see the world and what they can grow up to be through your books"

Farrah Gray

Business Mogul, Television Personality, Global Keynote Speaker, and Philanthropist

This book is amazing for all children, it will even refresh the adult mind. This book shares the greatness of black investors and motivates children to be all they came to be. Absolutely love this book.


My children and I really enjoyed this book, Imagine Life Without African American Inventors. We learned many new things about African American Inventors, things that we had no clue about. I'm glad that this book was given to my children. We will always cherish it. 🙂


I bought this book, Imagine Life Without African American Inventors for my 6yr old and he loved it. The book was very informative and easy to read for him. He didn’t understand some of the content so we researched together. All in all a really nice book.

Nia Dem

These books are easy to follow and the illustrations are lively. The story will inspire any young child who wants to be a writer. This story will also help children build up their self esteem to persevere and breakthrough any challenges they may have. I trust this author's writing. Thanks for another awesome book!!!

Michelle Downing

I was given this wonderful book, Michelle & Her Magical Pen by a dear friend. This book is an amazing read and my 4 children are in awe. The characters look just like them. The book is well written and I am happy to have been given such a wonderful book. Thank you Ms. Gwen

Brittany Davis

As a teacher assistant- I found these books to be very children friendly. The stories encourage children to always believe in themselves, no matter what's put in front of them. I highly recommend this book series. One of my favorite authors .You rock!!!

Kindle Customer